Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

eliza and her monsters francesca zappia contemporarycween
eliza and her monsters francesca zappia contemporarycween

Like any normal teenager Eliza is ready to graduate high school. Just not not for the reasons you would think. Honestly, because Eliza is not like any normal teenager. In school kids declare her the weird mute, and at home she is a hermit. What excuse would she have to talk, she has no friends. At least not any that she can physically see. Eliza lives in the internet world.  Where her two best friends are screen names. Oh and also where she hosts her comics Monsters of the Sea. She has a fan base of over a million people who subscribe to her art. Things in her life were not great but they were in her control mostly.

Until one day Eliza makes friends with the new guy in school, Wallace. Wallace speaks less than she does. Preferring to communicate through pen and pad. Which would be just fine for Eliza, if she didn’t feel for keeping a huge secret from him. That she is the creator of his favorite comic. Wallace and Eliza morph a friendship into a relationship. Wallace opens her up to new people and a new understanding of how others feel and think.

When Eliza’s secret is on the brink of getting exposed can Wallace take his own advice? Will Eliza be able to cope? Or will Francesca Zappia leave us with a cliff hanger of all cliff hangers?


When first starting this book up to about 40%, I can say I was not all that impressed. Once I got to 50% that all changed. Francesca Zappia pumps you with information and you don’t even realize you are supposed to read between the lines. There is one conversation between Wallace and Eliza that really sums up this entire novel. Let me get the negatives out the way so I can hit you with whats good. So I was really hoping to see a significant change with the way Eliza handled her parents. I don’t think that they should have been responsible for something they were so clueless about. Also, I will say if they wanted to know Eliza so bad like they said maybe they should have read her work. Also there are thoughts of suicide in this book so if that is a trigger please don’t read. It is a very heavy theme. I feel as if Francesca glossed over that because it was so close to the end. I was really rooting for Wallace until he made his future Eliza’s problem. If you know both you and your girlfriend deal with depression, you should be hyper aware. Also she went to the hospital and didn’t even check in on her. I also wish Eliza was able to at least video chat her friends.

Okay now lets get to the good stuff. So I identified so heavily with Eliza and her Monsters. I have no friends and I deal with depression. I also deal mostly with the online world to find friends. So far I have not been successful. Eliza didn’t make sense to me until I realized that she suffered with more than depression. I love that she went to get help for it. This book did so well with just being a story, and not something I could predict. I was so focused on emotions, I forgot the story will have to end. This book had similar elements to fan girl but it went in its own lane. I gave the book 4.5/5 stars. Glad I was able to buddy read this as well for the #bookbuddyathon .

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