The Scars I Bare By J.L. Berg Book Review | ContemporaryCween

The Scars I Bare by J.L. Berg

the scars i bare jl berg contemporarycween
the scars i bare jl berg contemporarycween

After a freak accident left him disabled, Dean let his life pass him by. He gave up his career and let his brother bear the weight of it all. The only good thing to come out it was he sent his ex fiance into another man’s arms where she belonged.

Cora felt a pull to a small island town. She was running from her past and just wanted a new start for her family. Only thing is she had to lie to everyone she cared for.

Little did Cora know that  fate would bring them together for something special. But would the scars that they each hold be to deep to heal. In this adult romance we learn if love does conquer all.



I loved this quick read. I like to read stories where the lead character is disabled. I just like to see how love can trump all. You really do have to give them an ego boost. It’s also good to see how much someone disable can add to your life. Cora was so determined to cover everything up she wasn’t in touch with her emotions. Dean couldn’t see himself returning to the man he once was. Cora and her daughter showed him how much life can go on, and it’s the little steps you take. I love the traumatic scene at the end. I love how J.L Berg wrapped up the novel in a nice little bow. I gave the book 4/5 stars. I would suggest this for anyone wanting to read something different but just as good as any adult romance.

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