Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh

SecondChanceCharmer brighton walsh contemporarycween
SecondChanceCharmer brighton walsh contemporarycween

Willow has always been in the shadow of her own father. He has always been the end all be all in her life. In a life of all women Richard had never softened. Instead toughing up the girls he each wished were boys. Some how all the children has dealt with it in there own way. Willow has always been orderly. Never letting herself slip in front of her father. Richard takes Governing the small town farther than town hall. He sees his life best telling everyone what to do. Willow has always allowed him except when she was younger. She had become so what of a rebel in her family as a teenager. She fell in love. But with not just anyone. She fell for one of the Thomas boys. Twins who grew up, with a hard knock life. A life Richard looked down upon. Willow  was all set on leaving with Finn Thomas and starting a life of there own. Until he just leaves with his family and never looks back.

It’s been 10 years since Finn stepped foot in the town he grew up in. All the memories of his past are of the lost love between he and Willow. With his brother and old friend they set out to make the first bar in the town’s history. Even with the town behind them, there is nothing worse that still having the hatred of the governer Richard. This time he is ready for whatever road blocks lay ahead. It helps that he is still in love with Willow. Finn must win her back, and hold in the very reason he left in the first place.

With a great cast of characters Brighton Walsh, gives you the small town story you never knew you needed. Second Chance Charmer is a nice name for the book that will pipe on the heat and roll out the romance.


SecondChanceCharmer brighton walsh contemporarycween
SecondChanceCharmer brighton walsh contemporarycween

This book stepped in right on time. I love getting out of reading slumps. Actually I would love to read more. Its actually more like a sick slump. Headaces lead to sleeping. Any way lets get right into Second Chance Charmer. We first meet Willow. She is a type A woman with a good head on her shoulders, but I still don’t know why she stayed to be around her cray cray family. I would have found something else career wise. Also don’t get why she didn’t go to school for a backup once Finn left. Brighton Walsh did an amazing job getting all the settings portrayed. I will say that I did enjoy the minor chararcters and would hope that there will be more to the series. I want a story for Finn’s twin brother. I really liked him. I will say that I was able to predict what would happen, but I only had fleeting moments where I thought about it. I was mostly wrapped in the novel. I also love that this was a quick read. Walsh didn’t stay places she didn’t have to. I ended up giving the book 4/5 stars. In the end I didn’t find myself too in love with the book. I think that five stars she be for books I can’t stop thinking about. I like the book and would suggest it for anyone wanting to get into more adult contemporary. Also be warned that there are quite a bit of sex scenes involved.

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