THE HOOK – UP EXPERIMENT By Emma Hart Book Review | ContemporaryCween


the hook up experiment emma hart contemporarycween
the hook up experiment emma hart contemporarycween

Peyton was fine with the way her life was at the moment. She had her family, and close friends. Being single didn’t slow her down. She was her own boss. Peyton owned PAD a hookup website. To give women as well as men control of their sexuality. This girl was a force to be reckoned with.  She held no embarrassment for her job. Basically, she was one tough chick.

A fact that Elliot knew since high school. What he didn’t know was that he’d be set up on a blind date with his high school crush. She was the one who got away. She was on a mission, and Elliot was the perfect guy for the job. Or was he? Elliot had a secret he’s held since their youth. But, if he told her, he wouldn’t get to spend anymore time with this fire cracker, he was falling for. In Emma Hart’s ,The Hook – Up Experiment, Peyton and Elliot must let go of their pride if they want to make it past their little experiment.



the hook up experiment emma hart contemporarycween
the hook up experiment emma hart contemporarycween

After reading the first chapter my anticipation wasn’t high. I assumed it would be another erotica where the story falls flat. Which it may or may not be depending on the reader. I on the other hand did enjoy it once the lead characters spent more time together. The characters did not make any stupid cringy decisions. I was basically surprised by all the things it didn’t do, than the meat of the story. I liked Peyton’s brother and will continue on with the series. I will say the conversations with Peyton’s friends fell flat for me. Besides the intro argument between her brother, I found him to be rather funny. I wish Elliot had more interaction with her life, because she blended in so nicely with his. I love Elliot’s family aspect and drama. It enhanced the drama for me. I love Emma Harts’ pop culture references. I gave the book 3.5/5 stars. I need to reevaluate my ratings. This is for all my lusty read lovers, who also enjoy a quick read.

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