Crossing the Goal Line by Kim Findlay Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Crossing the Goal Line by Kim Findlay

crossing the goal line kim findlay contemporarycween
crossing the goal line kim findlay contemporarycween

In Kim Findlay’s newest novel we meet Bridget. Bridget is a swim coach working for a weasel. Or at least that’s what she call him. After retiring from swimming in competitions herself, Bridget is set on helping others. She found it can fulfill her career wise. Besides helping other swimmers reach there dreams, she started a program to help kids in the area learn how to swim. Even thought the owner, Walter, is not happy with their sort in his club. So he set it up so that they were not the only ones at the pool.

Mike didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers. He could tell how his presence in the pool, was not something the red head wanted. So to apologize for him and the weasel, Walter,  he gives the kids tickets to a hockey game. One minute Mike was the victim of her anger, and the next he was being kidnapped. Mike was dealing with problems at work. He was actually a goalie for a professional hockey team. So being surrounded by Bridget and her family was a necessity for him.

Bridget and her family stepped in an became the backbone he never knew he needed. With no support from his team, Mike was failing emotionally. Mike stepped in and became her hero. She has always been strong. Mike was always there when she need him. Will Mike and Bridget take it past a friendship, or will Walter weasel his way into their future and cause problems.


Crossing the Goal Line is one of those stories that sneaks up on you. It’s something you never knew you needed. When you have your two lead characters start as true strangers and evolve into a friendship, you have a masterpiece. Kim Findlay made me never want to put the book down. I read the book in one day. The characters are the true definition of yin and yang. The complimented each other in all the best ways. All you want during this novel is for two to find a way to be together. I will admit that I did guess the ending but I really didn’t care. This is a true adult novel. I felt like I was transcended into another realm of genre. It is possible to have a novel without all the cliches. Like I looked at him and I knew. Or just lust at first sight. This was just genuine build up. I gave this book 5/5 stars. Cheers to no over use of sex. No sex at all! I will admit that I was a little sad because Kim didn’t make a big deal out of there first kiss. Their first date was so adorable. I would suggest to to anyone wanting to read adult contemporary for the first time.

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