Nobody Does it Better By Lexi Blake Book Review | ContemporaryCween

nobody does it better lexi blake contemporarycweenNobody Does it Better by Lexi Blake

nobody does it better lexi blake contemporarycween
nobody does it better lexi blake contemporarycween

Being in the CIA is scary for most people to imagine. Not for Kayla. She had a troubled past which effects led her to revenge her sisters death. Now on a new assignment, she starts to question if she wants to continue down this path. Although it did lead her to Josh. Josh is a hot actor who she now has to protect. This is less about being his guard, and more about using his connections. Josh is tired of his life and tired of everyone using him. He just needs someone to be his submissive for a change. That’s where kick butt Kayla comes in. What he doesn’t know is that he has even less control over his life than he imagined. From being blackmailed to stalkers. It shows that money doesn’t buy everything including happiness. Kayla steps him to show him that just because you can be dominant, its just as strong to be submissive with the ones you care for. Lexi Blake weaves a mystery of lies, sex, and love.


When starting Nobody Does is Better, I was really excited to enter into a romance with a good kick ass character. That was not what I walked into. Lexi Blake takes us into a BDSM world of sex punishment and lust. Not that I have a real problem with these sort of novels, its just that I like to be well warned when entering these types of worlds. Besides that the author had a good way of using delayed gratification. You assumed things would go one way, but sometimes they would take a detour to get there. Which brings me to the unfortunate part, of this novel being way too long. I think that I could have tolerated Nobody Does it Better more if the informational scenes were not so long. The conversations with her handlers where just so lack luster for me. I honestly stopped caring by 70%. It took me a couple of days to get through this book. I was so close to dnf, if it weren’t for the fact that I am nosey and have to know the conclusion. Which again was not worth it for me. I gave the book 3/5 stars to just be nice. Just not my cup of tea. I had not interest in the characters what so ever.

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