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Refusing to Fall by G. L. Moore

refusing to fall gl moore contemporarycween

Refusing to Fall by Author G. L. Moore follows our main character Keltie.  Keltie’s life has been a constant warpath since a young age. From sexual assault, cheating boyfriends, and death of a parent. The worse part is what Keltie is doing to herself. She has built the ultimate wall. Guarding not only future lovers but anyone not worthy of being her friend. She has friends who have been there for her through tests and trials. Her best friends have each proven themselves in some way. If only they could stop pressuring her into giving her heart away. That is not an option.

Bryce meets Keltie on a plane ride to his new home in Atlanta. He has prided himself on always being able to figure women out. Until her. He had to ask her out on a date and get to know her. His offer is immediately rejected causing his ego to deflate. Until he runs into her again. He wins a bet and from then on tries to win Keltie on their dates.

What Bryce doesn’t know is that Keltie is broken. She has no intentions of falling for Bryce. She is just enjoying him sexually. There is so much between them. Good and bad. Can Bryce break the cycle? Can he be what she needs?


I can’t believe G. L. Moore did this to me. When first reading the book I just wanted to know what happened to her that could drive a woman to be that guarded. After 70% you get most of the information and you realize, I really don’t blame her. I wouldn’t trust as well. Now your almost done with the book and you have questions about her job and if she and Bryce will have a happy ending. I realize that the author was trying to prepare us. Keltie doesn’t like happy endings. Also, Keltie was so insecure she talked herself out of her dream job to stay at a job she hates. I feel so sorry for her. This book was sad, but it left you with hope. After tweeting the author, I am sad there will be no wrap up. Keltie needs a happily ever after.

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