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Troubles by K. C. Enders

troubles by k.c. enders contemporarycween
troubles by k.c. enders contemporarycween

K. C. Enders writes of love stopping you in your tracks. In her novel Troubles we meet an insecure Lisbeth. A nursing student who is learning more than what the classroom can offer. With a family who blatantly despises her, and an ex boyfriend who chose to marry her sister, Lisbeth has still managed to trust others. She had dubbed her roommate Gracyn, and the quirky people of McBrides as her substitute family. That seems to suit her just fine. Her goal is to finish nursing school and nothing can stand in her way. Except maybe a tall handsome guy who come to her rescue, A FEW TIMES.

Life around Aidan became a blur after his brother died suddenly. He needed a big break from it all and decided to leave Dublin. He got a job at a pub and bunked with a couple coworkers. Not that that life at home wasn’t great before his brothers death, but he need to clear his mind. Find out what he wanted his next move to be. St. Patrick’s Day was supposed to be just like any other shift for him. Until he looked up and saw her. A girl with red hair in need of saving.

As much as Lisbeth liked Aidan, she needed to finish her studies. Even though Aidan was supposed to be finding himself, he took a detour and found something else. So many unanswered questions but none of the uncertainty could keep them from coming back to each other.


In K. C. Enders, Trouble, you find a realistic story about balance. How can you balance love and career? How can you balance love and family? How can you balance love and pride? Lisbeth and Aidan weren’t looking for love but is found them. Were they supposed to give it up because of time and uncertainty? While reading this you feel like you can honestly see this happening. There is a part at the end that I think was just a cherry on top of a wonderful love story. There was just the right amount of drama. K. C. Enders writing lets you enjoy each moment of the novel, and you forget to guess the ending. I finished this book in a few hours. I love a good down to earth romance. I think the characters are lovely, and I didn’t scream at them at all. They had reasonable logic. I hope to read more like Troubles by K. C. Enders in the near future.

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