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Zenn Diagram By Zenn Diagram

zenn diagram by wendy brant contemporarycween

Eva is not a super hero. She can’t save anyone’s life. She can’t control her power to know things she shouldn’t know. Eva can feel emotions through people and their objects. The only plus is that it helps her become a top tutor to her math clients. Eva is in her last year of high school. With amazing grades, she still doesn’t have a chance to get into top colleges because of her finances. Her only plan is to earn a scholarship.

Eva starts to tutor Zenn. He’s kind of new to the school. Hes falling behind in school because of family troubles. After touching his coat accidentally, she feels a dark pain she never has before.  All signs pointed to trouble. Eva just seems drawn to him. After uncovering realities about each other, Eva and Zenn evolve into a typical relationship. There is only one secret keeping them apart. Zenn and Eva learn about forgiveness and sacrifice.


I went into this book without an idea what it’s about. The power kind of threw me off. Once you get past that you realize this is just a normal teenager novel. Eva goes through all the struggles of a girl dating for the first time. There were some deeper levels based around the secret. I think that reader should go into the novel with very little info. This novel is unlike any other i have read before. I don’t agree with how Eva handled having a boyfriend, but I do know how those things can happen. This novel didn’t end properly. It ended way too soon. I kind of never saw a meaning behind it if the ending didn’t evolve into forgiveness. I gave this book a 3/5 stars. I read this book in a day. I wonder what others feel about this novel.

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