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The Baronets Wedding Engagement by Jessica Hart

the baronets wedding engagement by jessica hart contemporarycween

Flora has a plan. Her dreams stop when she has to care for her family’s cat. While its nice to be able to fill orders from home, she has always dreamed of owning her own restaurant. Before she can do that, she agreed to cook for her best friends wedding. It would be simple enough, but Hope is marrying a prince. She has to prepare a menu for the royal wedding. Her kitchen just wont cut it. It is decided that she will work out of Hope’s brothers kitchen.

Max is a stern man. Even with two children he still hasn’t found any light in his life. He has limited finances after his fathers scandal. He inherited his family home, and vows to protect it. So when Flora comes in with all her kitchen supplies it feels like an invasion. He throws her looks and wit, but she lets it roll right off her. Max is divorced, but is not mood to get back into a relationship. No matter how many times his ex tries to set him up. He can’t deny himself looks at Flora that he hasn’t before.

As it gets closer to the wedding, problems arise. The royal family is requesting he come with a date. Not just any date will do. Max comes up with a crazy idea that Flora should pretend to be together. The two embark on an adventure of secrets. As their tale spirals, the two blur the line between reality and pretend.


I find this to be a very cutesy romance. The characters were well developed. Max kept his hard exterior, and that I enjoyed. Flora was never sure of herself. I like that she didn’t give up herself for a man. The novel was short and so I don’t want to spoil it for future readers. This book is part of a continuing series, but for me I don’t wish to continue. I was not sold on this book. It was so short and it never got to pick up. I gave the book 3/5 stars. I did fall for the romance. I was glad there was no insta-romance in such a short amount of time. It reminded me of a hallmark movie. I would suggest it for those who just adore a good romance.

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