An Earl for the Archeress by E. Elizabeth Watson Book Review | ContemporaryCween

An Earl for the Archeress by E. Elizabeth Watson

An Earl for the Archeress by E. Elizabeth Watson contemporarycween

Mariel ran away from home hoping for a better life where she could support herself. She would not stay and be abused by her father just so he could marry her off to a man who would do the same. Lucky for her she was a skilled archer so she entered competitions so she could feed herself and keep moving away from her fathers grasps.

Robert was an Earl and had things relatively easy but he also held secrets. When Mariel wandered into his tent for competition he saw right through her lies and for some reason he was drawn to her. After some back and forth between the two Robert felt it deep inside that it was his duty to protect her. She was strong yes but she had to learn when to accept help.


There are limits to trust and how many times you can break it. And as always trust goes both ways.


I don’t really know if this is a negative but there was just too much trust involved in all relationships and friendships. Too many wires to get crossed. This may not also be a negative but I kind of hoped that Madeline would end up with Josh because he deserved love not just sex. I kind of hoped Robert would have a revelation that Mariel didn’t want to marry him because she indeed care for his life.


Mariel was very determined. Yet, I couldn’t get enough of Robert. He made the book truly. His internal conflicts alone made for funny moments. I read through Mariel’s train of thoughts quickly just to get back to Robert. He made the worse jokes but he meant no harm. He saw something in herself other than strength.

My Thoughts:

I have never smiled so much reading a book before. I love a book with a strong female character. She would rather starve and die than be controlled and manipulated by a man. Robert mad the entire book. His jealously was the cutest thing ever. He could read her like a book but could never find the right words to say but his actions were his strong point. I never liked when female characters made dumb decisions based on pride. I gave the book 4.5/5 stars. An amazing book. It took me by surprise.

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