Where the Night Ends by Melissa Toppen Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Where the Night Ends by Melissa Toppen

Tessa was on the mend from her last breakup. Not that she loved him but it did bruise her ego. So spending time with the most popular guy in school didn’t seem like she was moving in the right direction. Sebastian had a reputation, and she was just getting over hers as the school’s virgin. With what seems like the whole school against them can Tessa get over her worries and start something with Sebastian.


There are so many reason why things cant work but if you let fear dry you, you never know what you might learn.


None not one single negative. I think I might have liked to know how Tessa’s mom reacted in the end before they wrapped things up. Maybe I wanted to see how Tessa met the other guy.


There were so many times that the author tripped me up. Just when you think the couple would chose one path they were forced into another one.  Melissa Toppen was so precise. She knew what scenes the reader needed to experience and when to fast forward. This story could have gone on forever and I would have continued loving it.

My Thoughts:

Lets just get into my thoughts. Wow was this the best love story I ever read. I mean this author took me through so many emotions. By now I read so many books and it gets to be repetitive, but this by far was not. It makes me rethink all the books ive rated a five star book. This was more than a five star this was a 10 star. I was on this emotional journey and I could not figure it out even until the end. I had to spoil myself three chapters left because something was happening that I was like wait a minute do not pull this 180 on me but she didn’t. Melissa just dug in and brought it home. I didn’t even realize what was happening until Tessa said the words herself. I have never been into female leads because they make huge mistakes, but I felt Tessa’s heart. Sebastian was the cutest thing ever. I won’t even allow him to be my book boyfriend because he belongs with Tessa. I can talk about this book forever. I want to read all of Melissa Toppen’s books but, I might just have to reread Where the night Ends!


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