Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge

Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge contemporarycween

Jane and her sister owned a tea shop so they could support their younger sister. With a dead mother and a father who slipped out of his responsibilities, Jane had to grow up fast. Now her new landlords were kicking them out of there shop and there was no options with their budget. Not completely sure if it was a good idea she packed up her tea leaves and family, and moved to Austin. They had distant relatives who would allow them to stay until they could get a new store up.

A new store wasn’t all Austin had to offer. It included new people and personalities. More than that it brought out a new version of her older sister that she wasn’t comfortable with. Jane has to travel through this new maze in Austin and figure out her future.


Sometimes everything you need is right under your nose.


I think the author made the villain of the story a little to nice. There were no clues besides the fact that he wasn’t the second narrator that lead the readers to believe he wasn’t a good guy. I wanted to no like him right away but Jane had so many emotions around him it was hard to. I think if there were clues into how he truly was the readers could have adjusted better. Also Jane’s feelings toward Callum didn’t exceed her feeling with the villain. I was expecting this amazing scene where she would have an epiphany.


Callum was the best parts of this novel. He was so strong yet he needed others to be more vulnerable. He was able to prove himself in the nick of time. Callum knew he was in love and he didn’t deny it. He was able to tell those he trusted and that made him all the more wise. Callum deserved someone who would care for him.

My Thoughts:

While Callum made the book for me, I don’t know if Jane deserved him. He was so wise and vulnerable. Jane was so wrapped up in her other guy she didn’t see Callum for who he was. I don’t blame her because the author made him so likeable. I wonder how Jane’s sister knew Callum loved Jane and how long had she known. I love big family books. Everyone was connected by more than blood. I wish I could have found out about how the business’ were doing. I gave this book 3/5 stars. There were too many elements that were a miss for me. It was so long to not have wrapped up well.

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