Train Wreck by T. Gephart Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Train Wreck by T. Gephart

Eve’s life was going downhill fast. No job, no boyfriend, and a failure to the media. But maybe all those sequence of events led her right where she needed to be.

Being promoted in the media meant a big business boom for Josh. He thought he had everything he ever needed until a brunette barged her way into his tattoo shop.


At first glance Eve and Josh didn’t fit into each others worlds, but with work that didn’t seem to matter. In Train Wreck opposites for sure attract.


Once the lead characters got past the lust and into the depths of their relationship things took a turn. But it took quite a while for them to get there. Most of the book was just lust and or thinking about it. I think the book could have gotten to the same effect in a shorter time frame.


Eve and Josh were a funny to watch couple. I think things picked up once the truth was revealed. The moved them at warp speed at one point to make up for the pent up frustration they and the readers were feeling because of the waiting. I think this was a great decision.

My Thoughts:

I really loved the funny bits of this novel that made up for the longing for the leads to come together. I wanted more of Dallas and Kitty together because they are two sides of the same coin. Josh was such a gentleman. I liked him the most. I wish I got to see him meet her parents. Nice mix up of the friends. Eve made a few cringy choices but had she not they would not have admitted the truth so I let it go. I gave the book a 4/5 stars. I really enjoyed the story.

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