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Steal by Rachel Van Dyken

steal by rachel van dyken contemporarycween

Will was a new man. He had reinvented his self in the last two years. Instead of being a lead singer in one of the most popular boy bands he was now working as an agent for singers and actors. He had to remind himself everyday that he loved his job, even though he didn’t. Things were about to to get worse. The love of his life was about to walk back into his life, only thing is he HATED her.

Angela suffered from depression and life in the spotlight only made it worse. Misery loved company so she took everyone around her down with her. Now its two years later and she was trying to get her life in order by staring in a movie. The only way to do that was to get help from the best agent around, Will.


There are three sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth.


I think that Angela never really came out and told Will about her depression and where it originated from. Much of the story was breaking down walls but, the truth wasn’t revealed until later on. Also I wish I could have seen the couple fall in love (unless it was in former novels in the series). If Will hated her so much to cause her emotional pain why wasn’t it the same when he took her on as a client. Their common friends should have stepped in more when Will became mean. I think there should have been a longer time between Angela getting better and her friends forgiving her.


The whole entangled story was so original and creative. The author did an awesome job slowly revealing information. Rachel is very good with blurring the lines between hate and love. One minute I was suspicious of a character, then ended of loving his genius. And that twist at the end woahhhh shock and awwwed!

My Thoughts:

I love when I can’t guess an ending. I read this book so fast I had to know the ending. I have heard good things about Rachel Van Dyken and she blew me out of the water. One minute I was hating Angela because Will did. But as we peeled back more layers, I knew things weren’t one dimension. I gave the book 4.5/5 stars. There were still things missing for me that could have been a good wrap. I cant wait to read the next Rachel book I have on my kindle.

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