Not My 1st Rodeo 2 by Donna Alward, Jenna Bayley – Burke and Sarah M. Anderson Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Not My 1st Rodeo 2 by Donna Alward, Jenna Bayley- Burke, and Sarah M. Anderson

Three lust filled stories about couples. The only thing they in common is a dating website.


Joe keeps running into Cassidy when shes most vulnerable. Cassidy finds a comfort and safeness in being close to Joe but when they cross the line, will they be able to undo their mistake. Maybe a dating website will change it all.

Jules is the complete opposite of what Slade needs. Slade is using a dating website to comb through women for his family. When they both agree to just sex, life gets in the way.

Tommy and Carly were on two different paths based on their age. Tommy is in his 20s and planning out his future. Carly is in her 30s and already has her life figure out. Somehow that fill the needs for each other. Carly had a bad past relationship and she doesn’t have time for a guy trying to change her life. Tommy blows through women and they let him. All he’s looking for is someone to take control.


The first story was well built and for it to ends so fast just brought it down a few levels. The last story was very quick and was full of lust. I found it hard to see how it turned to love.


The first short novel had a lot of depth to it. The characters were friends and built to more. The comfort level between them led to sparks. The second short story was so believable. Sometimes the unexpected happens. The surprising bond that wasn’t  between the couple melted my heart.

My Thoughts:

I went into the novel not knowing it had three mini stories. I was so invested in the first novel, that I was sad that it ended so abruptly. The last two stories didn’t compare to the first one. The second story involved children and really was the best element of the story. The last story was plain lust and had no basis for love. Based on how much I enjoyed the first story I gave it 3/5 stars. I wish there was a way that we could find out how each story ended.

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