Kate’s Forever by Christina Butrum Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Kate’s Forever by Christina Butrum

A short tale about a girl who moves to a small town and ends of finding big love.


Kate moved to a new town hoping to move from her past. With a sick mother back home she must make a choice to accept help from Jordan, a guy shes only started dating. Or go at it alone.


Though Christina Butrum writes beautiful romance novels for her readers this one seemed to be missing the connection between characters. Kate and Jordan expressed a love for one another but Jordan seemed to be the only on showing it. I had a hard time feeling a pull toward the characters.


Kate’s forever was very good in the mystery aspect of the novel. The added twist of the ex turned bad kept the reader on their toes. I honestly felt that this was one of Christina’s less predictable works. I loved the new twist.

My Thoughts:

Though the story was short it packed quite a lot of action. Readers were taken on a thrill ride. Had the novel been expanded the story could have really improved. Loved that Christina Butrum kept the readers on the edge of their seats trying to come to the final conclusion. There was romance but it lacked for me, resulting in me giving a the story a 3/5 stars. I love that the author is branching out with her mystery element. I was surprised and enjoyed every minute.

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