Just and Illusion Series by D.Kelly Book Review | ContemporaryCween

Just an Illusion Side A by D. Kelly

Amelia may be a best selling author but she has a rock star past. She had worked hard to step out of the spotlight but when the B.A.D rockstars come rolling into town they make her an offer she can’t refuse.


There is a thin line between love and hate and there is an even thinner line between loving two brothers. Amelia must pick a Weston and keep a hold on her job.


The only negatives I have was that D.Kelly didn’t tell the story in multiple point of views.


Amelia has a rough past with love. Causing her to separate from the life she grew up. Her next book lands her the opportunity of a life time. She gets to write an autobiographical book about the band B.A.D. That includes going on tour for a year. Amelia is in no way shy so being in close quarters with hot men is going to be a challenge. She wants to stay professional but she feels a connection with both the Weston brothers. But choosing one could hurt the other. Things are strained and when you ad in a couple of exes things can get out of hand. I gave the series 5/5 stars.

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