Backwoods Belle: A Tennessee Grace Novel by R.C. Martin Book Review| ContemporaryCween

Backwoods Belle by R.C. Marin

backwoods belle a tennessee grace novel by r.c. martin contemporarycween

Rock star meets the girl next door, meets so much more. Backwoods Belle is more than just a rags to riches story. Its what happens after Cinderella starts living with her prince. Sometimes love can happen so fast it sweeps you off your feet, while everyone around you is still grounded.

backwoods belle a tennessee grace novel by r.c. martin contemporarycweenPlot:

After rescuing Corie from a boring cafe career, Ashley thrusts her into his life as a star. He sets her up as his manager, trusting she can handle what comes her way. Its not job that Corie can’t manage. It’s the press. Corie and Ashley are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and they don’t seem to be coming down.  Yet, the press seems to feel that Corie isn’t good enough for Ashley, based on his last mega girlfriend. The press aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on Corie. Ashley’s family is close to him, and their hope is that she isn’t using him for her Cinderella story. The two must face an ex, meeting parents, and trying plan a tour. For Corie the hardest part is finding her confidence. In Backwoods Belle, R.C. Martin cleverly unwraps the characters mentally and physically.


For me personally I felt as if there were way too many sex scenes. I know that the intention of this book is too be very erotic but I wish the couple could have found other ways to show their love for one another. In R.C. Martin’s latest Backwoods Belle, there was no conflict. No huge obstacle for the two to argue about and get over. I think if the couple had an argument that would have driven the book to another level. To see how no matter if they don’t agree Ashley would stick by her side.


If your a regular on my blog than you should already know how much I love myself a country boy. The gentleman that Ashley was really sent this book over the top. I have to add him to my list of book boyfriends. This why you have to read a R.C. Martin book, she never disappoints with her male characters. You should read Backwoods Belle for Ashley alone! From the scenery to the lovable parents, and the way he wants to take care of his woman, makes him a must read.

My Thoughts:

Backwoods Belle is another hit for R.C. Martin. From her scenery, to her character building, she should become your next auto read author. Corie and Ashley find love in the small things in life. The couple keep a small circle, who can see their love as well. Though Ashley is use to the rock star life Corie is OK to just be herself, and maybe the world can see it too. I gave the book 5/5 stars. Love the dual points of view. Really hoping that Jill and Leo get a spin off book.



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