Unbroken Fates by GM Scherbert Book Review| (repost)

Unbroken Fates by GM Sherbert

Unbreakable Fates by GM Scherbert is a lusty BDSM read. Alex is trying to get over the loss of her husband. On a girls night out she meets a new guy Nick. Only Nick’s age isn’t the only thing that could keep their relationship from progressing. Nick is the son of Alex’s friend. He knows, but she does not. Will nick ever tell her before the relationship gets too deep. Can Alex fall in love again, and give herself to another man.


You can’t fight the love you have for someone. Just because things don’t make since to the outside world, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Unbreakable Fates is a steamy read about the struggle of giving your all to someone completely.



The GM Scherbert was straight forward a sexual fantasy book. The author over used many phrases, such as inside you forever, or driven inside you. It could have more imaginative since it referred to BDSM.  I could understand why it was so easy for Nick to fall in love but, there was no connection to Alex and her liking to be controlled. The reader is just supposed to believe that Alex went from a normal marriage to enjoying being a submissive. I wish we could have seen Nick’s mother come to grips with her son dating her friend, since this was the main issue with the couple.


I love the back story on Nick. He had always had a crush on Alex growing up. It developed into something greater.

My thoughts:

This is not the type of steamy romances I usually read. I did enjoy the first scene the couple shared together. The friendship between the ladies is beautiful. It’s great that they support each other. I don’t like how Alex will have to lie to her children about the bruises on her body. Maybe the idea of the children should not have been introduced to make it less complicated. I give the book 3 stars. If you love the idea of an older Fifty Shades of Grey, Unbroken Fates by GM Scherbert is for you.

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