The Art of Living Other People’s lives: Stories, Confessions, and Memorable Mistakes by Greg Dybec Non Spoiler Book Review| (repost)

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the art of living other peoples lives greg dybec
the art of living other peoples lives greg dybec



In the intro of the book Greg talks about being this freelance writer. Having many similarities with the character, let alone the author already has peaked my interest. He goes on to talk about his early start into writing for websites that are not going anywhere. That’s where I am in my life right now. I feel as if life is flying by me and I keep thinking I’ll get started on it tomorrow. It happened to me a few hours ago. Anyway, I can vibe with Greg Dybec sometimes your heart is just not into it.

Greg began to find marketing idle work. His boss found a way to use Google Analytics to watch people’s searches. He sort of became obsessed with how honest people were when searching sexual questions.

My Thoughts while Reading:

I feel like it might not have read this book at this particular moment. This book is just like a biography merged with a journal entry. The author talks about random things that have no relationship with each other. Starting to love Greg Dybec’s voice, and the way he writes. I keep thinking maybe there is a purpose for this book if I just keep reading. So now I am half way into the book and I have no idea what the goal for this book is. Is my mind too remedial that I can’t grasp what Greg is trying to convey?


Greg seemed to have some pretty good topic ideas. I found myself really wanting to get advice from him.


The art of living other people’s lives just seemed to flow from one topic to another. The stories that he wove never had a clear ending. The end of the book just seemed to stop not conclude.


“If life is indeed all about balance, then it’s important to embrace the imperfect and the strange.”

“To fall in love is to say, I trust you enough that you won’t hurt me.”

My thoughts:

Recently, I have been going into books without reading their bio. Even if I did read the bio for the art of living other people’s lives, I for sure would have read it. I was expecting cute stories that made me laugh and taught me something. What I got was random thoughts that morphed into another. Greg never gave the reader time to think about what he said, because another story was right behind it. I received an arc copy so nothing was separated into chapters or sections.  I was never really clear on the time line. Greg Dybec’s book had me scanning by the end trying to finish it. I gave the book 2/5 stars. Maybe his humor went over my head. There were some parts where I wanted more, like where is the ending?

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