How to Get Free Ebooks | (repost)

This is a guide to how to get free ebooks. The best part is you don’t have to be a popular book worm to do it. So I am always in awe of what I find in the book community. When I first started my booktube channel, I only used library books to film with. As I researched the new terms I was learning, I became more aware of how to get ebooks for free. I hope to share with you guys what I have learned. So this is for the novice book nerd. For people just starting out. I have an obsession with getting free ebooks. Once I figure out how to get free paperbacks, Ill be the happiest girl ever.

how to get free ebooks contemporarycweenNetGalley:

When I started out two years ago, NetGalley and Edelweiss was very popular. I was so excited when I heard of places you could get new books for free. Both places are available for publishers to have their books read and reviewed. Unfortunately for me, I was not allowed to receive books from either site because of my popularity.  I know with these sites you are suppose to make yourself look good to the publishers. This means the more followers the better. I still have not perfected Edelweiss, so I don’t use it at all. When I do I’ll be sure to make a blog post all about it. If you have any tips please comment them down below. For now I have had the opportunity to flourish on NetGalley. These tips I have learned myself. I am sure there are so many other tips and tricks to getting accepted to review Galleys or Arcs.

So lets start with the basics. SIGN UP! After you enter your basic information, its time to fluff up your profiles. Social Media is key! So say like me, you don’t have many followers on your blog. Word your profile so that your social media and blog merge. Pick a site that you have the most followers and make your sentence casual. For example I have 1.000 followers on my twitter, so this is how I have it phrased. “I have an book blog and twitter with 1000 followers.” The publisher or assistant doesn’t know that I am just referring to my twitter, they assume I mean both.

Also it doesn’t matter if you have a website of your own or blog. It only matters that you post frequently. I have just switched from a blog to a website, so If I signed up now I probably would not be able to receive galleys.

Okay once you have been approved to review a book, you are able to receive it in pdf, or kindle form. Please make sure you have added NetGalley’s email to your approved kindle list. Otherwise the book will not appear in your kindle library.

After I figured out how to get approved, I went crazy with requesting books. They do track how many books you have actually reviewed. So don’t go crazy like me and get more books than you can read in a year.


So after you go through all the work of NetGalley here is a simple trick to getting free ebooks. Freebooksy is a site that will email you links to free books on amazon. They have books of all genres. The site will send you an email every week day. You can choose which genres of books you would like to come to your email. They also send a separate email with books that have lowered in their price.

Here is the link to sign up –


Instafreebie is a site similar to Freebooksy. They send emails but they do not separate by genre. They also send books in pdf and mobi form. That means you will have to send the books to your email yourself. Comment down below if I should do a tutorial on how to send books to your kindle library.

How it works, you can sign up on the website if you want to, but its not required. Each time you open a tab to a book you want, you will have to give them your email, name, and decide what form of the book you want. As long as you continue to use that tab you won’t have to re enter that information. Also some of the books are samples. So you have to be aware. Also sometime the books don’t come to your email. It can be a hit or miss.

How to get free ebooks:

Those are the three ways I get free ebooks. I also contact authors on twitter, but maybe I will post about that later. I hope you find these tips useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, or leave a comment below. If you found these tips in any way helpful please subscribe to my blog. It helps me know I’m going in the right direction. Just enter your email at the top of the page to subscribe.

Peace out, Girl scout!

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