Girl Online by Zoe Sugg book review | (repost)

girl online zoe sugg
girl online zoe sugg


At first it’s like reading Lizzie Mcguire instead of watching it. In this girl meets world story Zoe Sugg introduces us to Penny.Penny is a young 15 year old girl who is falling her way through her high school years. I mean it literally falling. Penny has a nice nasty best friend, and a crush like Ethan Kraft (lizzie reference). Thank goodness for her gay best friend Elliot. On top of the typical adolescent body issues, she continues to have panic attacks. Will things ever change for this teen.

While I was reading:

I had no idea what this book was about. Going into this book completely blinded wouldn’t change my mind from reading it. Surprisingly, I didn’t even know the author Zoe Sugg, who is a popular You-tuber. The amount of time I spend on YouTube is off the charts. As I was reading the book, about 22% in, I just knew this was a regular “teeny bopper” book. It also seemed incredibly long to be a book that was sure to be cut and dry. By 50% I was ready to be done with Girl Online. Zoe was veering toward a 3 star rating from me.Oh but that 70% changed everything. Introducing Noah! My new book boyfriend. (Insert all lovey and kissing emojis here)





Ok so besides the fact that the last 30% of the book turned my view into a total 180, that mean that the first 70% was a total hit and miss. I am so sorry but did we really need all that description. The writing transported me back to reading my MaryKate and Ashley book. At first the author made me feel as if the parents were missing in action type. Guess what they’re not. Basically, the the book is a lot longer than It need to be.Also, kept contemplating that Penny was 15 and Noah was 18. Her parents were OK with that.


Lets just wait for my thoughts because I wouldn’t want to bore you repeating the details.

My overall thoughts:

So like I told you before, Girl Online started out very much in the box and then, Bam! In walks Mr. Sexy Noah. Ok so maybe he wasn’t sexy , hes too young for me. Just read the book and then tell me your not in love with him yourself. Having someone not only accept your insecurities but helps you to love them is like earth shattering. Penny was in her own shell and now she ready to show the world who she really is. I am so glad that Zoe gave the main character strength enough to keep her confidence.

You can tell this was written by someone who is an actual celebrity. The scenario was written in a way that was natural and believable. You can tell that this is something Zoe Sugg had some incite into. This book went from a 3 star book, then morphed into a 5 star must reread. Zoe had me hanging off every word and thing that Noah did. I actually missed him when he wasn’t with Penny. He called her his “Inciting Incident”. She had her very own glass slipper scenario. Sometime things are bad, so that you can have an opportunity to turn them into something better. I would highly suggest you add Girl Online to your To Be Read list. It is part of a series. (ugh more series, why???)

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