The Two Night One Night Stand by Ryan Ringbloom

Who has ever heard of a cozy one night stand? Maybe because it was the second time they were having a one night stand. At least thats how Holly looked at it. A big misunderstanding led to Holly calling Matthew another mans name during sex the first time. Now that Holly knows what happened she chalked it up to being a one night stand. But life had other plans that led her straight to Matthew and his bed. Matthew was nice and sweet but she didnt expect him to want anything more he was probably judging her. But was it more than the lust that kept them coming back to each other?
I loved this book! So natural and laugh out loud funny. It has been a while since I have out right laughed while reading. The best part would be the pictures that seperate the chapters. I had to tweet about it. It was modern and believable. It was totally not predictable. 5/5 stars. Read it so fast I might read it again! 

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