Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Revenge is best served with a side dishes of betrayal and regret. After an unlikely meeting of;  Mary, the new girl. Kat, the misunderstood. An Lillia the rich girl. A plan is hatched to take down someone who hurt each girl. With the demise of the first person done with, the girls were more confident to take out the next two. But when it went horribly wrong, how with the three girls recover from an explosion they created? 

I had high hopes for the series because I love Jenny Han’s writing so much. I came to find that I was flying through because I just wanted it to be over. It was an extremely easy read. I like Lillia’s character most. It seems to me that the involvement of magic will occur eventually. I will read the next to books to find out how it ends. Hope the series will turn around. I gave the story 3/5 stars. This wont stop me from reading more Jenny Han her contemporarys are bae! This to me was not a contemporary it was just a coming of age story with a twist maybe.?. 

If you have read this book or any of their other books leave me a comment down below

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