The Thirteenth Chance by Amy Matayo


The perfect adult contemporary to make you smile.

The thirteenth chance is about extraordinary characters,Olivia and Will. Olivia is a school teacher with a whole lot going on in her head. On the outside Olivia seems to be a really nice woman, but on the inside she is dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder. When it comes to Olivia everything has a place. So teaching fourth graders full of germs is a hassle for her. She can’t wait until summertime so she can spend quality time with her best friend Perry. Perry is her chubby cat. He is the only male that has entered her world she has been out on her own. Even when her coworkers invite her out, Olivia wiggles out of going.

Will has just been transferred to a new baseball team. Hes not doing so well but that doesn’t stop him from throwing a party. The only problem is the cat lady next door. Shes yelling with a screw driver in her hand, though it doesn’t stop him from noticing how cute she is. After some unfortunate circumstances the two end up being friends. It seems as though Olivia is his good luck charm. His manager is on him about keeping up appearances but, Will likes having Olivia for more than just winning games.

This just one of the cutest adult contemporary books ever. Will and Olivia have the best thought process. Will makes the best jokes about Olivia. He gets her. They see each others flaws and calls them out. I give this book 5/5 stars. A must read.

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