A Reluctant Betrothal by Amanda Weaver


This was such an emotional and juicy tale. Grace had the title she just needed the security it offered. After her fathers struggles left her penniless after his death, Grace struggles in society to find a husband and become stable. After a town party Grace lets herself indulge in a kiss with a stranger named Julian. The kiss was magical but she knew she would never meet him again. Even if she liked him.

Julian hears that one of his best friends is soon to be engaged. Knowing the soft nature of his friend he is urgent to meet the woman. Finding out that woman was Grace, makes him determined to split the two apart. Only, Julian can’t tell if its because she has no money, or because he has feelings for her himself.

Grace has landed a potential husband. Hes nice but he comes with Julian. One minute Julian is kissing her in secret. The next hes is insulting her and making her angry.

Eventually Julian realizes he loves Grace, but is it too late?

I enjoyed this book. I love reading books from this time period. The fact that the books was from both points of view was excellent. The book gave me so many emotions. I felt sad for Grace and her situation. I like that she was able to become independent. I would like to see what Grace was able to do with the rest of her life. Did she continue to be independent, or did she let her lifestyle change her? I gave the books 3/5 stars. I wanted the love between Julian and Grace to be more emotional. Most of their love for each other was fulfilled by lust and sex. I think the end of the book was the best part of it. I found myself longing for it to wrap up. I would suggest this book for a guilty pleasure.


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