Sinfully Delicious by Denise Swanson


This is a very lusty read, about two characters who learn to trust each other and themselves.  Deanna is a powerful business woman. She wants to get ahead in life. That means there is no time for distractions. Bullied in the past she believes money, power, and good looks is the way to win in life. This sparked a strict calorie counting diet.

Nico is a chef at a popular restaurant, and is focusing on opening up his own. He has been labeled a kitchen Casanova.Do to his parents relationship, love is not in his plan. So he sleeps around and doesn’t commit.

After work brings the them together, the chemistry ends up being a undeniable. The two have a powerful pull. Making the lust and passion between them ignite. The two must fight the lines between work and personal life. They also help each other come out of there comfort zones. Is lust and passion a gateway to love? Or will business pull them apart?

I did like this book. My favorite books are those that explore the minds of both characters. I always feel a deeper connection when I know the other person is feeling the same. That being the said, I felt no connection to the relationship. It took me back to reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It was all about passion. I felt the story to be very predictable. I wish the story had more dimension. It may be that I just read a book very similar to this. I also didn’t enjoy the way the author made everything sexual. The  word moan was used often. I gave the book 3/5 stars. The author won me over by giving readers a glance into what the couple would be like after the story. Those are the best moments in a book. I always have a soft spot for happily ever afters.


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