Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky by Holly Martin


Such a warm and fuzzy romance about moving on from your past, and letting love take control. Pip lived a life of rejection. After being given up as a baby, she was adopted into a new family. After her mother died, her father became an angry drunk. In the middle of trying to get rid of her, he dies at the wheel and causes the car to go into ice water. After escaping the ice, Pip left behind her best friend, love of her life, and his family. With questions unanswered she boarded a train for her aunts house. For twelve years she never looked back.

At the age of 29, Piper has traveled the world. She became a hotel reviewer. She loves her job but after 10 years, its time for a break. So she has to agreed to go back to her home town before taking a vacation. After realizing her best friend, Gabe,  owns the resort, they agree to move on from the past and be friends. The problem is the love between them is hard to break. Neither person wants to be hurt again. After trying to avoid the feelings between them, they agree to give it a try while shes visiting.

Gabe has a daughter, and he doesn’t want her to get too attached to Pip. His family is also getting in between them. They know how damaged he was the last time she left. The family doesn’t want him to get hurt. Trying to be cautious of Pip is creating a road block in their relationship. He needs to trust her so that she will stay for good.

I am in love with this story. I honestly  want to read every book by Holly Martin. I love books where we can explore the minds of both characters in the the story. This story has so much dimension and dept. I am in love with this love story. The details and settings make you feel warm. I gave the story a 4/5 stars, but the more I think of it I should have given it a perfect five. Its only downfall was the way it ended. The very abrupt ending made me long for more. I want to know what happens with Gabe and Pip. The next story will involve Gabe’s sister. I am hoping that things will wrap up. I am looking for to more by Holly. I highly suggest this book to anyone.

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