Recipe For love by Katie Fforde


Quote: “She couldn’t decide if he was very handsome or really quite ugly, but she did have to admit he was extremely sexy”.

Recipe For Love is a wonderful story about a cook named Zoe who has to choose between her career and love. Only it was so much more than that. It was about friendship and loyalty. Also, learning your own strength and weaknesses. In this colorful story we follow the many thoughts and decisions of Zoe as she enters a competition. After being forced by her family to enter a cooking competition,  Zoe is thrown into a new world. She isn’t sure of herself here in this new place. No one seems to be, except her roommate Cher. The show will be a big hit on TV, and Cher’s only goal is to look good. Which means she needs to do more than look hot, she needs to win. At first, this was no problem for Zoe because winning wasn’t even a possibility.

Before the competition can even begin Zoe gets mixed up in helping her hosts and a judge of the competition. Which snowballs Zoe into a close friendship with her host Fennella and her husband. She also starts a relationship with her judge, Gideon.

Before she knows it shes caught in a web of lies and more stress. Zoe is such a nice and loyal person, she feels its her duty to help out pregnant Fennella. This means putting the competition on the back burner multiple times. Also, she risks breaking the rules by being with Gideon. She knows he could break her heart, but she’s blind to how heart break will actually feel.

Will Zoe win the competition? Will love and friendship push her away from her dreams?

I was not expecting the story to be as long as it was. The first few books I have requested from Net Galley have been about 200 pages. So this being a full book caught me off guard. I am also still not reading the description of the books so that I won’t make any assumptions. This is still working for me. I loved not knowing what I was getting in to. This book was set in London. I liked having that as a background to this beautiful novel. I liked the main character wasn’t insecure about herself. She was just realistic. The book felt like it was a coming of age story, even though Zoe was grown. She learned that she loved to help people and she won’t let anyone make her feel bad about it. She also had never been in love, but she felt that Gideon couldn’t love her back because of the type of man he was. I got such a warm feeling from reading it. I enjoy reading adult romances because, I don’t get frustrated with the decisions. Zoe is so strong and I’m so glad that the author ended the competition the way she did. The book is a must read for an introduction into adult romance.I wish the author would write a book from Gideon’s point of view. I really want to know when he fell for Zoe. He seemed to be so guarded in the beginning.  I gave this book 4/5 stars.

Thanks so much for reading my review. If you have any questions or would like to talk about the book or author please comment below. -Meri

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