The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead


Adelaide was not born Adelaide. She was born a descendant of a brave man. That gave her a high rank but, it didn’t entitle her to riches. It meant she was controlled by her grandmother. It meant she wasn’t allowed to make her own decisions. For most of her life she was OK with this arrangement. Until her future husband came into her home. He was not someone she could see herself with. With no sympathy from her grandmother, Adelaide worked up a scheme which involved changing her name to Adelaide.

After a young man named Cedric walked in her door looking to induct her maid into his glittering court, Adelaide makes a plan. She switches places with her maid. Sneaking away from her only home, and only family member. She starts a new life as Adelaide. The glittering court is a system that sells girls in new world across water. The men outnumber the women in Adoria. So the Glittering Court provide women without a title a new opportunity. They can go to school for a year to train to become a wife.

Adelaide does well in the school and even makes friends. The only person who knows about her lie, is Cedric. Cedric has a secret of his own. Adelaide is determined to help him live a free life, because he didn’t turn her in. Actually she has feelings for him and just can’t admit it to herself. When she finally does, they’re love turns them into outcasts in a new world. Will they be able to make it in new territory?



I wanted to read this story because I heard it was about princesses. It honestly is not. I was enjoying the book until It started to talk about religion. I didn’t know how far it was going to delve into it. I became more reluctant to read the book. I really wanted to know what the conflict would be in the book. I really didn’t fall for the romance between Cedric and Adelaide, but I did think the story was very sweet. I also wanted to find out the mystery behind Adelaide’s two friends. The novel worked itself out in the end and I got lost. I heard that the next two books in the series will be the same story, but in the point of view of her friends. I gave the book 3/5 stars. I will probably read the next installments because I want all the pieces to the puzzle.

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