Play by Piper Lawson

PLAY by [Lawson, Piper]


I was sent this book for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This book is available for purchase September 14.

This book is for an adult audience.

I have never really read any adult books in my life, because I have never found any that have interested me. Between the description and the cover, I was pulled into this book.

Payton Blake is our main character, who works at a big financial company. She has just been given a big promotion. Her task in the company is to find clients who need financial backing. One of the first clients sent to her is Max Donovan. He is the anti business type. Their first few meetings didn’t end up well . Payton felt Max didn’t understand the seriousness of needing 20 mil. Max owns a video game company that has been dominating the industry. He doesn’t want to have the new girl Payton helping him. She didn’t even do any research, or played any video games. A bitter agreement left Payton with a new video game, and a pause with her biggest client until she completes it.

After spending all her time figuring out the game with some help from her spunky, tell it like it is, best friend and co worker she finally gets an ok to move forward from Max. After a coincidence that leaves them both emotionally drained, Max and Payton spend time on his boat. They open up about life and pain. In this funny and captivating story Payton and Max must find a way to avoid crossing lines that could ruin their work relationship.


I loved this book. It was, I think my second time reading an adult novel. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I love the thought process that Payton has. While reading I felt a little transported back to reading fifty shades of grey. Not in the sex sense but in the sense that the female lead had to break through barriers in the relationship. I was so excited when Max was able to to expose his vulnerabilities. His character was stubborn but, he had a nurturing side. The sex scenes were intense. I hope for a spin off about Payton’s best friend. She had such an charismatic personality.  I want to know more about her dating life. Maybe we will get a look at how Payton and Max are doing later on in the relationship. Marriage anyone?

Again thanks Piper Lawson for allowing me to read this book. I would love to read more of your works.

Professional Reader

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