The Heir by Kiera Cass Review

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This is absolutely one of my favorite series that I have ever read. I am all about romance and royalty. This series also has elements of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I purchased the first book in this series around its release. I have also stuck by my love for is as other book tubers explained their dislike for the series. I feel the main reasons people don’t like the book are the very same reasons I love it. While I admit that during the second book, America seemed to create nothing but drama. That drama just gave a better ending in my eyes.

So if you haven’t read the first three books in the series, or you forgot what happened let me catch you up. America was forced into the selection by her family and boyfriend at the time. The selection is when thirty-five women from around the county would be chosen to win the hand of the current prince to eventually become queen. Everyone was classified by rankings 1-6. Based on their jobs America was a five. Her family wanted better for her and her boyfriend, who was a secret, wanted her to at least try. Her name was actually picked even though she never wanted to go. She randomly met prince Maxon before it was time and they quickly became friends. She told him about her unwillingness to come,her need to provide for her family, and a love waiting back home. Through all that he soon fell in love with her. The castle was being attacked by the North and South rebels often. America had her own ideas to eliminate the problems. Which caused a riff between her and the king. America had finally fell in love with Maxon but, had caused so much trouble it had seemed so unlikely they could be together. After one last attack on the castle the King and Queen were murdered, making Maxon the new King. He chose America as his bride and they lived happily ever after.

The Heir

By the time Eadlyn had turned 18 things in her life were becoming harder. She was to be the next queen, only by beating her twin brother at birth. Even though America and Maxon were the best King and Queen. Even though they had eliminated the caste rankings, the country was not at peace. This brought stress upon the Kingdom. Maxon had to do something he never thought he would. He begged his daughter to have a selection. Eadlyn was strong. She knew she didn’t need a man to help her rule. She was guarded. She planned to keep the country busy with Selection gossip while her father figured out a plan to keep people from rebelling. She would end this without a ring. As she went on dates she refused to get close to them. She didn’t understand why she needed to be vulnerable. As tensions with her country didn’t seem to get any better she realized it was her fault.  She had not shown her people any love or thought. She was cold and they were scared of her ruling one day. She also stared noticing things around the kingdom. She learned to care about more than just herself. After a shocking event gave her mother a heart attack, Eadlyn knew she would have to get married for the sake of her people.

I really enjoyed going back into this world. It was nice seeing all the characters you love grown up. It wrapped up so many unanswered questions. You got to  see how people operated after all the drama died down. We also got to meet new characters. I feel like we fell for the selected in this book more than Eadlyn. I could already tell what each guy would mean to her when she became queen. I could also predict the end of the book, but it was good none the less. I gave the book 5 stars. Loved it and I highly suggest it to any hopeless romantics.

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