The Duff by Kody Keplinger


Yezzz this book was bae. I am absolutely in love the characters and the story. It didn’t hook me right away but a few chapters in and I couldn’t put it Down. So this story is about a girl named Bianca who is a senior in high school. Her mom is in and out of her life on a book tour so she stays with her dad. Bianca is not normal she doesn’t like to do all the teenage things her friends do, like party. She much rather stay home. One night after being dragged to a party with her to best friends she gets harrased by one of the most popular boys in school, Weasly. Only he isn’t interested in her. He thinks by being with her it would land him  a chance with one of her friends. Calling her the duff! Designated ugly fat friend. She throws her drink in his face but that doesn’t stop her mind from wondering if she really is one. Back at home her dad relapsed on alcohol after receiving divorce papers. Bianca is fuelled with all these emotions she jumps on weasly at the next party. Weasly is known for being a jerk and a slut but somehow kissing him distracts her from her problems. They begin this sex only relationship, but they continue to dislike one another. Knowing Bianca is using him weasly becomes a friend in private offering her support. Bianca starts to want more of Weasly and less of her friends. after realizing she’s falling for him she comes clean with her friends and breaks off the sex with Weasly. Weasly wants her back and is willing to give up his play boy ways. But Bianca can’t decide if she should be with him or a guy who seems perfect on paper.

Omg I love weasly he is so relatable. There is always that one good looking guy who is witty and has a smart mouth. Very cocky. But makes it so funny its hard to resist him. He is every girl’s bad boy. You want him so bad but you know he will break your heart. When he wrote bianca that love note I almost cried. That was so amazing. Best part of the book.

Bianca wasn’t a likable character but I didn’t hate her. Sometimes with stupid characters I have to close the book and go wtf? I did that only once. I like how Kody wrote it so that we wouldn’t hate her.
Overall love the book 5/5. Want to read sequel if there is one.

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