Insurgent by Veronica Roth (includes spoilers)


So I just spent the past 7 hours getting my mind blown. What the heck and where do i begin? So we pick up where we left out with Tris and Four riding the train until the end of the line. Which puts them in Amity territory. This book test the relationship between Tris and Four and how much they trust each other. I was totally not prepared for this. After realizing that they do not belong in Amity Tris and Four decide to take rescue with the factionless. More secrets are revealed including the knowledge that Four’s mother is still alive and the leader of the factionless. The factionless have decided to form their own rebellion against the Erudite. Who by the way is looking to control the entire society. Even though the tris and four drama is pulling at your heart strings we still are getting plenty of action. The Dauntless have split in have some teaming with Erudite and some with the factionless.

So lets get into the tris and four drama. Basically Tris cant admit to killing Will and its hurting four’s feelings. Four was thinking of joining his mother in the factionless rebellion against Erudite and creating a factionless society. Also after eaves dropping on Marcus, Four’ s father, tris learns there is this big secret that the erudite leader Jeanie is keeping. A secret he claims all the Abnegation leaders died for. According to four, Marcus must not be trusted. Tris believes otherwise and that his mom is the one not to be trusted. Also since shooting will Tris refuses to pick up or use a gun leaving herself vulnerable as she tries to be the hero. Leaving Four to give her an ultimatum. If she make a stupid decision again he will leave her.

Tris makes the ultimate stupid decision and sacrificed herself to be a test dummy for the Erudite to prevent any more killing of other dauntless. But of course Four has to come save her.After many tests Jeanie is unable to create a weapon against the divergents. She sentences tris to death but is saved last minute by Peter of all people. Tris also finds out that her own brother has been working against her all along.

Now it is time for the big show down between the dauntless/factionless and the dauntless/erudite. But Tris cant be a part of it know that there maybe information from the Erudite to big to destroy. Even if that means being on opposite teams with Four. Tris almost came out a traitor until Four forced Tris’ brother to open jeanie’s files and uncover the truth which was shocking.

My thoughts: OK so i am a little confused on what is going on at the end. Why didn’t Jeanie want the information seen. Is it for fear of the unknown. Also are they saying that these factions have been cut off between our  world and now they must enter it. There are so many questions to be answered but i don’t know if I am ready to jump into the next book. I felt the same way about the last book and ended up rereading it. Also because the ending of the movie was a bit different and I get the two confused. I give this book a 5/5. Loved it entirely. I wouldn’t be able to take if Tris and Four didn’t make it in the end.

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