Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love is an annoying story that you just can’t put down until what you want to happen happens.The story is about two main characters, Miles and Tate. Tate is an adult in her twenties who is just moving in with her brother. She works and goes to school. On the first day moving in she encounters a drunk Miles. Miles is her new next door neighbor who is also a pilot like her brother. Even after helping him with his hangover Miles is stand-offish with Tate. For some reason Tate cant help but fall for him. After some sexual tension they decide to have a sex only relationship. but its harder than it sounds. Tate continues to fall in love with Miles. Miles continues to hide his past life and wont open up to Tate.

In my opinion I enjoyed the book. gave is 4/5 stars. Tate’s character was annoying at times. I closed the book most times because she said stupid stuff. I also like the dual point of views we got but it got to be long winded because i wanted Miles thoughts on the current time. In the end it was predictable shock but it was still sad and a cute story. A lot of sex scenes. Overall a good book.

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