Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern


  In this crazy story we meet Amy and Matthew. Two quiet high school students, both because of disabilities.  Matthew has OCD and Amy has cerebral palsy. Amy has had Adult helpers in school. This year to get closer to her recent crush Matthew she convinces her parents to hire teen aids.  Her mother , Nicole,  has always been controlling but since Amy is going off to college soon, she thought it best. Nicole had her doubts about Matthew because he was different.
  Matthew lived in his world of OCD so much that he thought no one noticed.  Tapping lockers, hours in the bathroom,  and never speaking to anyone other than his family how could people not notice. Befriending Amy he learned that he hurt more people by avoiding his problems, than getting help. They became each others everything.  Amy helped him face his fears. Matthew helped her gain self confidence. They fell for each other in the best way. No one could have predicted what would happen at prom night or the events that followed.

I liked how the people in Amy’s life wanted her to have a normal teenage life and in the end they both did. Yet this story was crazy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  In the beginning I didn’t want to put it down but them Amy started to make no sense.  The part where the book should of ended it just continued. The book had a good foundation and the potential to be great but the ending just fell loose. Matthew was the best parts of the book. The voice in his head reminds me of everyones conflicts with themselves.  3 out of 5 stars.

Tell me what you think of it below!!!

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