Cinder by Marissa Meyer


   Cinder is a charming Cinderella retelling story about a girl named Cinder. In this new and interesting and futuristic world humans are put far above cyborgs and androids.  People look at you different when your made of metal and electronics.  So as you can expect things are awful for Cinder being that shes part cyborg.  Somehow being different is not the worst of her problems.  She is owned by an evil step mother, Adri and her two daughters, Peony and Pearl. Out of the three Peony is not mean to Cinder. She is actually her best friend along with her android side kick Iko. Having a world of information right in her head Cinder has become a master mechanic.  So in a world of hover cars, Cinder finds herself a car and decides to build it and escape. Before she can leave Peony catches a disease and Cinder and the rest of family blame her for it. In an effort to find a cure  she finds out alot about her former self. Can she find a cure for Peony before she dies. At the same time hide her mechanics from Prince Kai who maybe falling for her.

When I heard what this book was about I was for sure there was no way that Marissa Meyer could rewrite a Cinderella story without it being annoyingly predictable.  I mean some parts were predictable but not from the beginning.  The world was warm and I found myself falling in love with all the characters. Even the bad guys weren’t usual. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. There was something missing for me. Kai was the best part for me. Also I cant believe the ending had a cliff hanger??!!! Im so glad I only had a wtf moment in the in the end. Im glad she wasnt a stupid character.  I think thats why people love this book because Marissa (she has the same name as me!) can make drama in the book without making the main protagonist seem like an idiot. Very enjoyable.

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