The Sweetest spell by Suzanne Selfors


   The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors is about a girl named Emmeline. She was born with a birth curled foot because there was very little room in her mothers womb. In her town if you were born with a birth defect, your parents would give you up to die. Times were hard and if someone could not pull their weight, the family didn’t need an extra mouth to feed. So knowing Emmeline was disabled he sent the nurse to get rid of her in the forest, where they believed the animals would eat her the spirits would take her away. Only that didn’t happen. Four cows escaped from the dairy man came and stood over her all night and watched over her. Looking for the cows the dairy man brought her back to her family. People in the town believe she possessed black magic.

  Now that she had grown up into a teenager Emmeline tried to hold her own and stay out of her fathers way. It didn’t help that the cows from the dairy mans farm came to visit her everyday. She could talk to them because she believed they were there to protect her. Never the less she had to return them before she could start her chores for the day. Chores that took her longer than others because of her foot. She noticed the way people looked at her in town. They talked about her and did mean things to her. Yet she had a great outlook on life. She didn’t let it get her down. She wasn’t angry at her father who looked at her as a waste, after her mother died.

  The time was coming for the single women of the town to go bid for their husbands. It was a town tradition, and her favorite thing to watch. She like to see the girls fight over the single men. This year would be great because the catch of the town was up for bid. Everyone in town thought he was the best thing walking including himself and Emmeline. He was definitely a jerk, on her way to return the cows he was too busy looking in the mirror to notice her on the road. He fell off his horse and blamed her. But as cute as he was he wasn’t able to stop being captured by the king to fight in a “war”. Neither was Emmeline’s dad. He told her to find a job but who would hire her with her foot and black magic.

   Days later it continued to rain and Emmeline was depressed. She tried to keep up his farm but with the rain everything was washing away. Finally when the river flowed over it dragged her and her town and everything she ever knew away.


    Owen lived with his parent is a middle class town. His family owned cows for cream and milk for their store. One day one of the Cows went missing so he was sent to look for it. When he found it is was standing over a girl with red hair. She looked sick, and from the looks of it had been washed up the river. Knowing he shouldn’t help her because red hair was a clear sign of a dirt scratcher, he rode her home anyway. Surprisingly his family helped nurse he back to health. After his sister died his mother always wanted a girl to take after. Everyone was okay with except the cook nan.  Over the time that she spent with them Owen started to grow feeling for Emmeline even though her presence there was forbidden. He even helped her learn a talent that she had. Before he was able to help her get her father back, she was stolen in the night. Both of them went on two great adventures. Will they ever find each other again?


 I really enjoyed this book. I have never read fantasy before but I enjoyed it. There was a new level of mystery. I found myself in love with Owens character. He and Emmeline were both very strong characters. Emmeline refused to be a mistress in distress. I gave this book 5/5 stars just because I could not find nothing wrong with the book but it just wasn’t for me. I strongly suggest this book if you like love stories and adventure.




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