The Summer I turned pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han

5821978  The summer I turned pretty: Isabella aka belly had always gone down to Cousins every summer with her mother and her brother. They lived in a house near the beach with her mothers best friend, Susannah. The winter months just didn’t feel home. Being in cousins with Becks kids, (Beck is Susannah’s nick name) Conrad and Jeremiah felt complete. Even when the three boys were leaving her out things were perfect. Conrad was the oldest 2 years older than her and then there was Jeremiah who was only one year older but they always made her feel like the baby. Even though she was only related to her brother Steven they all felt like family. Her parents split at 8 but he hardly came before then. Beck’s husband came holiday weekend. Other than that it was just the six of them. This year belly would be turning 16 over the summer and she was determined not to be looked at like the baby. When she first got there she could feel weird glances from the boys. They even told her she looked different. Secretly belly had always loved Conrad, and Jeremiah would always be her best friend. She could tell him anything. This was going to be a great summer, or so she thought. Conrad started lashing out at her like never before. Jeremiah had this sadness in his eye at times. Can the boys tell belly the truth before her jealousy rips the family apart.

Jenny Han just gets teenagers. She knows how they behave and their little tendencies. I enjoyed this book  so much. I gave is 5/5 stars. I would suggest this book to anyone. Its a great summer book.


summer2Its not Summer Without You: After the death of Beck belly never could recover. The people she would normally talk to she couldn’t bring herself to call. After she and Conrad broke up at prom belly could not get over him. Then seeing him with his ex girlfriend at Becks funeral belly said some unforgivable words to Conrad. She knew she was wrong. She couldn’t move on like her best friend Taylor wanted her to. Then what could she say to Jeremiah. After Conrad disappeared from college it was up to her and Jeremiah to bring him home. Only thing about that was he was already home, at Cousins. Trying to earn forgiveness from both boys belly finally let Conrad go but did she find someone else instead?

I really didn’t like this book as much as the first because Belly made a lot of stupid choices. I’m team Jeremiah though all the way. Belly could never make up her mind over Conrad. Yet Jenny Han was flawless in writing the dramatic thoughts of a teenager. I like that we got a look into Jeremiahs brain. That was fun.The story line was amazing. I gave this book 4/5 stars.

Well-Always-Have-SummerWe’ll Always have Summer: After choosing Jeremiah, they dated for two years. She decided to attend the same school as him so that they could be together. Things couldn’t be better. Until one day at a frat party Belly overheard a girl bragging about having sex with her Jeremiah. After confessing the truth they took a break. How could she leave him they had history and they loved each other. In an effort to win her back Jeremiah proposed!! What the heck? Belly was only 19. No one was on board. They were too young. To get peace to plan the quick wedding Belly at the Cousins house with guess who, Conrad. All her old feeling were stirring up and so was his. Caught between two men she loved who was she going to choose.

The best book was the first one because belly kept making mistakes. I felt she choose wrong. I guess you cant help who you love. I like that this time we were inside of Conrad’s head. He made absolutely no sense. I gave this book 4/5 stars as well. Great writing. You just have to deal with teenage classic mistakes. Suggest everyone read.

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