Switched at Birth And we bring the light Season 3 episode 15 s03e15


Regina learns how to shoot a gun. Bay gets rejected from Pratt, the art school she wanted to attend. Daphnie is worried about getting into doctors college. Toby’s back!!! Regina is still wrapped up in a dangerous job.

Toby and katherine help bay boost her spirits by helping her with an art project. Bay snaps on her mom but feels guilty. True kinish behavior they band together to boost her spirits.  They are such a great family. Even with lies and secrets they still hold on to each other.

Angelo and Daphnie bond together over cooking. Helps her unwind and stop thinking about the s.a.t. He admitted to the restaurant going under foreclosure. 

Regina finds LIAR written in graffiti late at night. At the same time Angelo and Daphnie come into her store looking for a book. Regina panicked and pulled out a gun on her own daughter.  That leads to an argument with Angelo about cheating with her boss. Angelo drives off leaving the argument unsettled. 

The end of the episode ends how it begins with Katherine getting a call from the hospital. We are left with  bloody Angelo and questions everywhere.

I enjoyed this episode but when I saw Regina carrying a gun around I knew it would be dangerous.  She is the most unstable character on the show. You can see where bay gets it. Regina never thinks about her lies or secrets until she gets caught.  Are they trying to cut Angelo off the show. The thing I like about Switched at Birth is that no matter what happens in the story line characters often come back. Low key im hoping Wilkie will come back A.K.A Austin Butler.  What do you think will Angelo be ok?

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