The spectacular now by Tim Tharp book to movie review



First off let me say that I enjoy the movie way more than the book. The story is centered around a young man named Sutter Keely. I love the way his name rolls off the tounge. Sutter is an alcoholic in denial. Based on the split with his parents he has chosen a life where he only lives in the here and now. Unfortunately it affects the people around him. He never really cares how other people are feeling.Just deeling with a breakup he takes it harder than any other. After trying worthless attempts to win her back he decides to help others instead of focusing on his own problems. Sutter throws himself into helping a quiet shy girl named Aimee. Starting out as being confidence booster Sutter falls for her. Both girls push him to be a better person by dealing with his past and caring about his future. Sutter is just a boy with no dreams only worried about his spectacular now.

I liked the realism of the book and movie.  Sutter’s narration of his own life made things cute and funny. The Aimee in the book was annoying.  She pushed Sutter at the wrong times and she seemed like a wishy washy character. Although the books ending was believable I still didn’t want it.   I like that Aimee in the movie was fun. Shailene Woodley played this role like a pro. She made me want to watch her show secret life of teenagers.  I read the whole book with Miles Tellers voice in my head. I like that the movie gave Sutter an ending and healing for his past.
Movie 5/5 stars
Books 4/5 stars

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