Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is another one of her classic beauties.  This story focus’ on a girl named Cath. Cath is a girl about to enter her freshman year of college.  To any normal girl this might be exciting or scary butnot Cath. She doesn’t really want go, especially since she wont be sharing a room with her twin sister Wren. (Who split the name Cathrine because their mom only expected one child.) Normally at home identical twins Cath and Wren do everything together.They look after their Dad, share the same friends, and write fan fiction. They obsessed over charters from their favorite book, Simon and Baz. Wren even blogged about the main characters (who have a Harry Potter meets Twilight vibe) being in a gay relationship with one another. She created a huge fan base for her stories. Before the  school Wren picked started Wren cut her hair and announced she didnt want to stay in the same room during school.

Feeling abandoned Cath hid out in her room during her first few months of college. She poured herself into her school work and fan fiction.  Cath suffers with social anxiety. She wouldn’t go to the cafateria to eat, or make friends. She didn’t like her roommate Reagan at first.  Nor her always there, always happy boyfriend.

After settling in Wren became a party girl and Cath was finally learning to open up to people, including Reagan’s boyfriend and a new guy Nick. Cath had to learn how to let go of the past and open to people and her future. But Cath is stubborn. 

I overall enjoyed this book. But I found the story within a story pointless. It drew me away from my obsession of Rowell’s detail of what a young adult is really like. At first I felt attached to Wren because I know how it feels to want a different life and to be normal and grown. I like how Rainbow let us see Wren spiral so fast. Even though you could relate to Cath and her shyness.  She became more of a debby downer.  It became annoying by the end. And Rowell ended her book like her last (eleanor and park) abruptly.  It was a put off. If she didnt write so well it would have been a bad book. Her pop refrences were giving me life!!!!

So I need a chapter just on Levi.  He is every girl’s Dean. That first love who you obsess over. The way he talked Cath sweetheart was so adorable. The realism of him kissing another girl was spot on. When you dont tell people how you feel their ego can get bruised and they will move on. My favirite quote from him was ” are you rooting for me?” Who says that. He kept asking her to tell him she liked him. It showed he was vulnerable even with her. He knew her so well and how to make her comfortable. Levi is perfection!!

4/5 stars

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