Switched at Birth Oh, Future season 3 epidode 14 s03e14


We open up with Daphnie worried about bring able to pay for medical school.  She wants to work for the money even though the kinnish family is willing to pay for it. Bay overheard Emmets mom talking about moving for a new job and gets worried.

Not telling Emmet she plans to reconnect Emmet with his dad and his girlfriend debbie so that maybe he will move in with them. Events lead to Emmet and Bay, and Emmet’s mom end up at a house warming party where Emmet’s dad and debbie have a surprise wedding. Emmet even gets upset debbie is having a baby.

Catherine convinces sarah to drop her lawsuit on her new book. At the same time she found out that sarah will be making a movie about their family.  Plus we finally found out sarah never had sex with her husband.

Daphnie has it rough because she doesnt believe she is latina, which her mother takes it personal. After thinking regina lets the kinnish’s pay for Daphnie’s college. Also Melody doesn’t take the job to move.

I enjoyed this episode but I hate how Bay doesn’t tell Emmet the whole truth. Im glad Catherine and her husband are getting better.

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