Switched at Birth like a Snowball down a Mountain Season 3 Episode 13 s03e13


Previously daphnie and bay found out a gang member from daphnie’s old town threw a brick in their mothers shop. Daphnie convinced him that her mother would no longer be working to reconstruct the community.  The same time their mother went to get her job back. Their father Angelo is moving back in to protect them. Also emmet is still getting blackmailed, but instead of turning Matthew in he lied. Causing his mother to attack matthew and be suspended from work. Bay is still with tank but wants to be with emmet. Bay’s parents found out she took the morning after pill.

Bay opens up breaking up with tank. Then helps emmet deside to get his naked photo back. Daphnie feels guilty for getting a job her boyfriend was more qualified for. Regina is upset West (her boss) carries a gun around. In the end she decides to get shooting lessons.  Bays dad told tank about the morning after pill. After finding Matthews computer Bay and Emmet find out he has a crush on emmet. Matthew finds out and denies it. After talking to a friend Bay realizes it might be too much to open up about Matthew being gay and talks it out with Emmet. Regina gets stalked outside her job but tells no one. Daphnie had a fight with Campbell about getting the job so campbell gets a job across town and implies a breakup with Daphnie. Katherine has to decide to take the sarah rummor out of her new book.

There is so much drama this season irs hard to keep up but who else is happy about #bemmet . I dont think Daphnie was wrong for taking the job she did bring up his name. I think Emmet should still turn matthew in just not tell people he is gay. I think it was cute Emmett didnt want Bay to see his naked picture. Uh oh Bay, Matthew wants your man. I feel bad for tank but I dont think he was right for Bay at all, nor did I like campbell with Daphnie.  Comment and tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Switched at Birth like a Snowball down a Mountain Season 3 Episode 13 s03e13

  1. didn’t anyone else find it disturbing that they decide to allow a person who bullied a person on line get away with it. Showing all the impressionable people that its ok to bully as long as you have a good exuse.

    1. Exactly I agree! He should still be responsible. Not to mention he beat him up. I understand being gay is a big deal but it doesnt give tyou the right to get away with everything. Plus if they turn him in they dont have to mention the part that he liked emmet

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