Pretty Little Liars Surfing the Aftershocks Season 5 episode 3 S05e03


In the pretty little liars season 5 episode 3 we pick up after finding Alison’s mother dead. Ally seems to be taking it pretty hard. This shocked me after knowing how strained their relationship was and the fact that it was ally’s mom who burried her alive. As seen above ally wore her mom’s dress to her funeral. The same one her mom wore to ally’s. Ally’s dad seemed upset by this. Emily and Hannah seemed under the impression that ally’s brother Jason killed his own mother until further digging. Spencer not believing them questions an email written by ally’s mom the night she was murdered. After a talk with Jason (her half brother) he tells spencer not to trust their own father. Leading to a scene where Spencers dad corners allison. Who is still hiding a secret with Spencers sister.

Meanwhile, Hannah is having doubts about who she is? Heafty Hannah or an Allison clone. Angry at Mona she continues to have flash backs. Emily is also dealing with a breakup with paige, who introduces her to a new friend on the swim team. The episodes ends with Hannah wanting to change her look. While Mona watches with a mysterious girl.

Questions: who killed allisons mother?
What does Mona have planned?
What secret is Spencers father and sister keeping?
When will allison tell everyone the truth?

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